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Midway Elementary School

STEM Edible Car Challenge

Congratulations to all 45 of the MES students who participated in the first ever STEM Edible Car Challenge on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.  Students were invited to design a vehicle made entirely of edible food products that would roll a great distance and be "road-worthy," or stay together, while zooming down a ramp.  Contestants were also required to create a poster with their car name, a picture of their car, and the items used to create the car.  The entries had to be made of items that were edible to humans, look like cars, and have at least two axles and at least three wheels.
MES wants to thank David Bentley and Roger Armstrong of Jerry Duncan Ford who served as judges for the cars.  Judging was based on distance, durability, design, creativity, and edibility.  Each student competed with contestants from their grade level.  There were first, second, and third place winners from every grade level.  The judges also awarded two "Judges Choice Awards." The winners are as follows:
1st place- Kade Bentley
2nd place- Liam Knox
3rd place- Titus May
First Grade
1st place- Sophia Parks
2nd place- Kylie Kinman
3rd place- Leighton Roberts
3rd place- Dean Mulloy
Third Grade
1st place- Laci Ariks
2nd place- Kendra Stevens
3rd place- Spencer Hill
Fourth Grade
1st place-  Cole Canter
2nd place- Vivy Henry
3rd place- Logan Easter
Fifth Grade
1st place- Jacob Vandan
2nd place- Cloa Copeland
3rd place- Chloe Jarnigan
Judges Choice Awards
Izak Bettis
Tabitha Dukes
All of the winners received certificates, ribbons, and gift cards.  They will also be invited on a field trip to tour the Jerry Duncan Ford Dealership and Service Department to learn more about cars.  MES wishes to say a special thank you to Marty Duncan, Roger Armstrong, David and Shelley Bentley, the MES STEM Committee, and the STEM Committee Chairperson Andra Barnett for their help in planning and coordinating such a special event for our MES students.