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1.  Does Roane County Schools provide transportation to Pre-K students?
Parents/Guardians must provide transportation for Pre-K students. 


2. May I choose which Pre-K site my child attends?
You may request that Mid-East place your child at any of the locations within Roane County; however, due to the low number of spaces available, your child may be required to attend Pre-K in or out of your current school district. 

How many days per week and how many hours will my child attend Pre-K classes?
Most sites offer a five day per week program with hours ranging from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm. If your child is chosen to attend Pre-K, you will be notified of the exact days and hours based on your child’s placement.

4. If my child’s fourth birthday is after August 15, may he/she still attend Roane County Schools Pre-K Program?
No; however you may contact Mid-East Head Start at 376-2308 to inquire about their Early Head Start Program.

5. Is admittance into the Roane County School’s Pre-K Program based solely on family income? Income is only one factor in determining who is selected into the Pre-K Program. We suggest you turn in your application, regardless of income, in case an opening becomes available throughout the school year.

6. When will I be notified if my child is admitted to the Pre-K Program?
You will be notified around the last week of July, or first week of August.

7.  If my child is not admitted to Pre-K Program, will I be notified?
Yes, but it will be at the start of the school year.